The Completionist’s Guide to Sims 3 iPhone

by Chad Austin on January 4th, 2010

I play simulation games in two phases: first, I tackle the often-repetitive mechanics, unlocking every option and building up money so that I can creatively decorate my house or farm or whatever.

Sims 3 for iPhone was no different. Having accomplished nearly everything in the game, I will share a strategy for completing all 73 goals and acquiring the best job: $600 per day at the Pawn Shop.

The Objective

To open the pawn shop, you must complete the following 73 goals:

Goals for all Sims (55)

  • Try fishing
  • Try cooking
  • Buy fishing kit
  • Buy watering can
  • Buy repair kit
  • Buy a stove
  • Buy a bath
  • Gain a skill point at cooking
  • Gain a skill point at fishing
  • Gain a skill point at repairing
  • Meet a new Sim
  • Befriend a Sim
  • Begin a romantic relationship
  • Make an enemy
  • Make a Sim laugh
  • Annoy a Sim
  • Insult a Sim
  • Creep-out another Sim
  • Slap a Sim
  • Get a job
  • Buy something
  • Catch a fish
  • Catch a trout
  • Catch a salmon
  • Catch a catfish
  • Repair something
  • Discover a new recipe
  • Cook something
  • Cook grilled cheese
  • Cook steak & veggies
  • Cook minestrone
  • Grow something
  • Grow carrots
  • Grow corn
  • Grow tomato
  • Watch TV
  • Kick over a Trash Can
  • Sleep in another Sim’s bed
  • Use another Sim’s shower
  • Use another Sim’s toilet
  • Get a better couch
  • Get a better TV
  • Accumulate $1000
  • Catch 15 fish
  • Harvest 30 crops
  • Stay entertained for three days
  • Stay fed for three days
  • Stay rested for three days
  • Stay clean for three days
  • Meet all the Sims in town
  • Make a Sim jealous of you
  • Sleep in three other Sim’s beds
  • WooHoo with someone
  • Get a promotion
  • Reach the top of the career ladder

Maniac Personal Goals (4)

  • Use everyone’s toilet at least once
  • Use everyone’s shower at least once
  • Creep out five people
  • Watch three people sleeping

Sleaze Personal Goals (2)

  • Be romantically involved with three Sims
  • WooHoo eight times in one day

Power Seeker Personal Goals (3)

  • Accumulate $5000
  • Own the best house
  • Own the best TV, stereo and stove

Nice Guy Personal Goals (2)

  • Get married
  • Be liked by all the Sims in town

Jerk Personal Goals (4)

  • Be disliked by all the Sims in town
  • Slap four people
  • Insult five people
  • Kick over all the trash cans in town

Jack of All Trades Personal Goals (3)

  • Achieve the highest fishing skill level
  • Achieve the highest repairing skill level
  • Achieve the highest cooking skill level

There are six Sim classes:

  • Jack of All Trades
  • Nice Guy
  • Jerk
  • Sleaze
  • Power Seeker
  • Maniac

As previously mentioned, you will need to complete every Goal to unlock the Pawn Shop. Of the 73 total Goals, 55 randomly appear as Wishes, no matter which Sim class you choose, and they’re generally easy to complete.

On the other hand, each Sim’s Personal Goals are relatively difficult. You’ll need to create at least six Sims, one of each type. For the optimal path through the game, you should complete their personal goals from hardest to easiest. I will give an efficient play sequence below.

Play Order

Jack of All Trades

Create six Sims, and designate one as your “main” Sim. Your main Sim is the one with which you most identify.

Your main Sim is a Jack of All Trades (you’ll later need its Repair skill at the Pawn Shop). Play him or her first, building up skill levels as rapidly as possible. Learn to fish, because fishing is the best way to make money. As you accumulate money, buy as many of the cheapest stereos you can afford, filling your house. Each time you enter the house to eat or rest, turn them all on. Eventually, they will start breaking down, allowing you to practice repairing.

Practicing cooking is easy – simply buy bread, cheese, and the Grilled Cheese recipe and make it over and over again.

Once fishing, repairing, and cooking are level 5, save, quit and move to the next Sim.

Power Seeker

Your second Sim is your Power Seeker. Fish until you have $5000 and tool around town until you have the option to upgrade your house twice and buy the most expensive TV, stereo, and stove. Furniture and home upgrades simply take time. This is a good opportunity to accumulate general Goals.

At this point, you should have most of the 55 general Goals.

The Other Sim Types

Sleaze, Nice Guy, Jerk, and Maniac have fairly easy Personal Goals. The order in which you complete them does not matter.

At this point, you should have almost all of the Personal Goals. If not, keep playing — they’ll eventually show up.

Goal Tips

If you need the “Buy XXX” goal but you already have XXX, then try selling it. Eventually the Goal should appear as a Wish. Lock it in and repurchase the item.

If you need the “Gain a skill point at XXX” goal and you’re maxed out, switch to a Sim that is not maxed out.

If you’re having trouble Meeting all Sims, double-check all of the houses at different times of the day. I’ve noticed Bernie can be hard to find. Most Sims are sleeping in the middle of the night – try breaking into their houses, waking them up, and meeting them.

If you need to befriend a Sim but you’re already friends with all of the Sims, start a new Sim or insult a Sim until it becomes an enemy, then befriend him or her.

The best way to annoy, insult, and creep-out other Sims is to find a house with two Sims (e.g. Marcell and Theresa), barge in, and start flirting with one of them. Both will be creeped out and annoyed, and the flirting will insult the other and make him or her jealous. If that doesn’t work, start using their toilet, shower, and fridge.

Tips and Tricks

Fishing is the best way to make money. Each tuna sells at QuickMart for $100, and salmon for $65.

Besides the Pawn Shop, working at the Town Hall is the best. It’s easy to get promotions (both Ruth and the Town Hall are nearby) and you just need to be friends with everyone in town. As Vice President, you can make $300 per day.

Creating romantic relationships is easy. It sounds rude, but keep pestering the Sim with Flirt, Tender Embrace, Hot Smooch, and WooHoo. You should be able marry a Sim within two conversations.

Too many WooHoos and your Sim will die! Don’t overdo it in the bedroom!

If you get married, give your spouse a phone call and invite him or her over. Once your spouse arrives, you can invite him or her to move in.

Since the Town Hall is right by your house, it’s the best job until the Pawn Shop is open.

The Sims

  • Nina
  • Ruth
  • Johnny
  • Kia
  • Jake
  • Maggie
  • Jack
  • Jill
  • Walter
  • Luke
  • Bernie
  • Marcell
  • Theresa

The Jobs

Town Hall (boss: Ruth)

  • Campaign Intern ($100/day) M-F 8:30-18:00
  • City Council Member ($150/day) M-F 8:30-18:00
  • Local Representative ($200/day) M-F 9:00-18:00
  • Mayor ($250/day) M-F 10:00-18:00
  • Vice President ($300/day) M-F 10:00-17:00

Corsican Bistro (boss: Marcell)

  • Kitchen Scullion ($100/day) M-F 10:30-18:30
  • Ingredient Taster ($150/day) M-F 10:30-18:30
  • Line Chef ($200/day) Tue-Sat 11:00-17:00
  • Sous-Chef ($250/day) Tue-Sat 11:00-17:00
  • Chef de Cuisine ($300/day) Tue-Fri 11:00-17:00

Laboratory (boss: Kia)

  • Test Subject ($100/day) M-F 9:00-16:00
  • Lab Tech ($150/day) M-F 09:00-16:00
  • Fertilizer Analyst ($200/day) M-F 09:00-16:00
  • Carnivorous Plant Tender ($250/day) M-F 09:00-16:00
  • Genetic Resequencer ($300/day) M-F 10:00-16:00

Quickmart (boss: Bernie)

  • Filing Clerk ($100/day) M-F 08:30-18:30
  • It’s not worth getting promotions at Quickmart. Bernie is a dick and you have to work there FOREVER before he’ll promote you.

Pawn Shop (boss: Nina)

  • Con Artist ($300/day) M-F 16:30-23:55
  • Safecracker ($400/day) M-F 16:30-23:55
  • Cat Burglar ($500/day) M-F 17:00-23:55
  • Master Thief ($600/day) M-F 17:00-23:00

In the End

With the information given above, you should have no problem achieving 73 goals and as much money as you need to decorate your dream home.

If you get stuck at any point, feel free to leave a comment on this page and I’ll update the document.

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  1. mnm Says:

    on my sims 3 for the i phone it says that the pawn shop is closed what do i do???? :((

  2. john Says:

    Awesome! Thank you

  3. Ray Says:

    It does not matter how much i chat to sims, i can’t pass Best Friend status and I can’t Woohoo, or at least the option doesn’t appear. What have I missed out or done wrong?

  4. Anum Vighio Says:

    How many house upgrades are there?

  5. kathy Says:

    thanks – i just finished the 73 goals and unlocked the criminal career and pawn shop. i didn’t discover your article until after but i can confirm that what you have written contains everything you will need to complete the 73 goals. i appreciate you laying out the occupations with salaries and hours. a couple of my own tips to add: get to know the sims’ personalities so you can quickly make friends or enemies with them as you need to; also, no need to rush home to rest, groom yourself or eat at $10/snack. Once a sim is your good friend you have free reign over their house and can eat for free. not a good friend? wait until they are asleep and you can use their house to your heart’s content.

  6. Jessa Says:

    Most thorough explanation on the web for Sims 3 mobile. Thanks so much!

  7. Ann Says:

    I have the Sim3 for the LG Chocolate Touch, so I have two extra goals making it 75. I am only missing two goals, Get a Job and Cook Something. My problem is Cook Minestrone popped up twice on my goal list. I cooked minestrone and one of the said completed. I have the other Cook Minestrone locked in for my sim to complete so I tried cooking it again to see if it would be checked off but it did not work. I have tried both get a job and cook something (thinking one of those has to be the extra cook minestrone) and that did not work either. I know this must be some kind of glitch and I don’t really wanted to remove the game and download it again on my phone. Any ideas? Have you heard of this before.

  8. Thaitanic Says:

    Thank you very much! Playing Sims on iPhone has never been better. Legally I mean.

  9. Ivon Says:

    Hi, i just wanted to i u know all the traits for all sims?

  10. pemil soriano Says:

    how will i gain the discover new recepie wish? what shall i cook? thanks!

  11. Jazzy Says:

    I have a power seeker I have only unlocked 55 wishes of wich I’ve dcompleted 47 but my wishes and goals keep being empty because I keep getting the same wishes over and over that I have already acheived. How can I unlock the rest?

  12. lauren Says:

    thank u sooooo much ive been playing the sims on my ipod foe ever and i thought i had completed all of my goals but going though and checking them with ur i noticed which one i hadnt done so hopefully now i can complete it!!!!! thanks so much!!! xxx

  13. Amelia Says:

    Where do you buy a stove? I can’t seem to find a place to buy it.. Any help would be most appreciated!

  14. Koral Says:

    hi i have a question how do you get the get a job goal? it hasnt shown up and ive been playing this game for a few months…

  15. Ace Says:

    How to you complete the “Discover a new recipe” and the “Make a Sim jealous of you” goals?
    That’s all I need and then I will have completed all goals!
    Please respond!

  16. Laura Says:

    To discover a new recipe, go to the bistro and click on “Buy Recipe” if you have them all already, sell one and buy it back.

    To make a sim jealous of you, go to Marcell and Theresa’s and tell one of them a flirty joke, and flirt with them

    To buy a stove on iphone click on the chair in the bottom left corner (blue circle abovr the (…) button.

    If playin on a normal phone, go to the wall in your house where the telephone is and click on buy new furniture

    On iphone – at any point in the game click on the (…) button, go to “help & about” then on to gardening tips and shake your phone (give it quite a hard shake like you’re going to throw it. Each time you do this, you will get $500
    Do NOT over do it tho or you will be stuck when it comes to the goals like “accumulate $1000 oir $5000″ You should only really do this to purchase furnature to sit the mini stereos on forachieving your repair goals.
    Once you have completed the game, go wild with that cheat – I have £297,780 simoleons lol

  17. atif Says:

    im stuck at 63 wishes i completed all but not able to unlock any more wishes can you tell me what i need to do next

  18. alyssa Says:

    thankyou so much for all of this! now i can finally work on beating the whole game.. except for the fact that, i need to get to know all of the traits of each sim. i know everything about every sim, but i dont know how to unlock the ‘neurotic’ trait. what do i do or tell the sim for it to unlock????? theres a cheat on this website that shows you the trait for all of the sims. look “” . please help me, im dying to beat this game so i could buy the new iphone version of the sims 3 ADVENTURES. :) <33

  19. alyssa Says:


    thankyou so much for all of this! now i can finally work on beating the whole game.. except for the fact that, i need to get to know all of the traits of each sim. i know everything about every sim, but i dont know how to unlock the ‘neurotic’ trait. what do i do or tell the sim for it to unlock????? theres a cheat on this website that shows you the trait for all of the sims. look “” . please help me, im dying to beat this game so i could buy the new iphone version of the sims 3 ADVENTURES. :) <33

  20. alyssa Says:


    thankyou so much for all of this! now i can finally work on beating the whole game.. except for the fact that, i need to get to know all of the traits of each sim. i know everything about every sim, but i dont know how to unlock the ‘neurotic’ trait. what do i do or tell the sim for it to unlock????? theres a cheat on this website that shows you the trait for all of the sims. look “” . please help me, im dying to beat this game so i could buy the new iphone version of the sims 3 ADVENTURES. :) <33

  21. blah Says:

    hi great guide and all but i have completed 70 out of 73 goals and one of them is to accumulate $1000
    now, I have got exactly $1000, I have got more, I have earned it through cheating, i have earnt it through a job, I have earnt through selling fish and any way i do it, it does not work!!!!!
    Please help me and fast!

  22. Tevin Gibbs Says:

    Can I complete all 73 goals using 6 sims.

  23. emily villalta Says:

    i have completed 72 goals. i cant seem to unlock the last one. all my personal goals are completed for each sim but idk if my skills need to be at a 5 for all of them in order for the 73rd goal to appear! help please.

  24. Jamie Says:

    No you just have to keep playing for certain goals to appear check your list the list above is in the order it is on my phone check and see which ones you don’t have.

    I also found you can buy one stereo and just keep turning it off and on it breaks faster and you increase your skill level quickly as appose to waiting for them to break

  25. David Says:

    I play sims 3 on my ipod touch. I have completed all goals except for Get a promotion, Reach the top of the career ladder, and Meet a new sim. Goals i have already completed keep coming up and its taking a long time for the new goals to come up. Also, what can you Purchase in the pawn shop?

  26. Cigdem Says:

    How do I discover a new recipe in Sims3 Iphone?

    I bought all recipes from Corsican Bistro. Now what should I do?

    I try reading books in order to discover or improve my skills but there is no progress on any skills.

  27. Doron Says:

    I have made best friends with most sims and no matter how much I interact romanticly with jill I can’t start a budding relationship, what do I do? Also how do I discover a new recipe, I have bought all the recipe’s anyway

  28. Jeanette Says:

    I’ve got a problem in catching 15 fishes, I caught 3 salmon, 3 catfish, 2 tuna, 5 snapper and 2 trout. But it didn’t say ” goal complete, catch 15 fishes” pls help me thanks!

  29. Marie Gilmore Says:

    What ingredients do i need to make steak and veggies? and how do i reach the top of the career ladder? I work at the lab and i make $250 each shift. I just asked Kia for a raise over and over again and in 20 sec i had 3 raises. haha

  30. Yogesh Bhagat Says:

    your list of sims 3 was fantastic, but now move on, that is EA launches the Sims 3 World Adventures.
    Now you should also post completionists guide to sims 3 world adventures with all 55 goals as you did for the sims 3 game.
    I have downloaded the game and working on it.
    if you want help with displaying that info mail me.

  31. Yogesh Bhagat Says:

    @@@@ Marie Gilmore

    to make steak and veggies go to options check your inventory you will find steak and veggies click on that and you should get all the ingredients needed to make steak and veggies.

    to reach the top of the career ladder quit your current job and get a job at Town Hall after that befriend with all the sims in town and then go to Ruth and ask her for raise and you should reach to the top of the career ladder.
    hope this helps.

  32. simi Says:

    hi, i already completed 72/73 goals but one of them isnt discovered yet, which is accumulate 1000. how do i get it to show up?

  33. Denise Says:

    Hello! I need help badly, I have not been able to find a website that addresses my issue. I can not get the “get a job” goal that I need in order to open the Pawn Shop! Background: I have all Sim personalities, all have jobs, there is at least one Sim that has a job in each profession, I have completed 72 goals and unlocked all 73 from the main menu. None of their personal goals include getting a job. I have been stuck at this point for a while and am pretty close to quitting, any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated!

  34. Siona Says:

    I cannot seem to get any Sim to start a romantic relationship. I bug them with the flirts and tender hugs and sext dances but the kiss and woohoo arent showing up as options. I am best friends and know all their traits. Have i done something wrong? What am i missing?
    Please reply, this is bugging me!

  35. Sophian Says:

    I have done 71/73 goals. The last two are upgrade to best house & also upgrade to best tv/stove/fridge. These items have not yet been unlocked on my buy option. I can buy cheap stove and medium stove but the modern stove is locked. How can I unlock it?

  36. jessica Says:

    i have the iPhone application for sims 3.
    i cannot get any other sims in my house, they keep rejecting no matter what i do.
    i cannot go past tender embrace, also why is this?
    also, could you give me a minimal amount of imformation reguarding this game for iPhones. thanks.

  37. Kylie Says:

    I have the sims 3 on a pantech ease at&t phone and im playing with two sims right now and im ready to do my second house upgrade but when i click to upgrade it takes the money from me and the upper half of the screen freezes black and you cant do anything but exit. Is there a way to fix this? Also ive tried to start a budding romance with luke but it wont let me get past best friend i have a budding romance with jake does that matter?

  38. Tacie Says:

    Awesome! Thank you!

  39. barbie Says:

    Hi for some reason I have 75 goals but I completed them all except buy a new tv and own the best stero,tv and stove it keep say no suitable position when I try to buy the tv.I even tried making a new sim n tried to buy the tv first and see if that works but it don’t please last wish till I unlock the pawn shop!

  40. Christine Says:

    I have completed all goals and unlocked the criminal career and the pawn shop (sims 3 mobile- Tmobile Edition (Vibrant)) Is that the end of the game? I know I can continue to play, but is there another goal??

  41. Irvin Says:

    I have my fishing skill all the way to pro and 1 of my goals is to get a catfish but seeing that I’m a pro I guess that catfish don’t show up anymore only the really good fish… What should I do??? Please send me a e-mail

  42. Kasamba Says:

    I can’t sell anything! I have no idea how to do this, can you sell stuff at any stage or does the pawn shop have to be available?

  43. Emma Says:

    The catfish will come – you just have to keep fishing at the lake. I have pro status also, they aren’t as frequent but you just have to be persistant. As for selling – go home and click on the furniture icon. It should come up with 3 options (I am on iPhone) – “Move or Sell” “Buy” and “Change Walls”. Click on Move or Sell and off you go! It has nothing to do with the pawn shop. If you want to sell fish you have caught or vegetables you have grown – go to the Quickmart.
    To Barbie trying to buy the tv – is your loungeroom cluttered? If you are trying to buy the plazma tv it is quite big – make sure you have room in your loungeroom to place it before you click on buy.

  44. Seth Says:

    It does not matter how much i chat to sims, i can’t pass Best Friend status and I can’t Woohoo, or at least the option doesn’t appear. What have I missed out or done wrong?

  45. Emma Says:

    Try and complete your own personal goals first. This helps with better conversation with sims. If you are trying to WooHoo you have to back track from best friends and make your move by repeating romantic actions after just friends. If you are already best friends with all the sims, be rude to them until you get back to friend status and then try romantic – then you can WooHoo once you are dating or partners (Can’t remember) and even get married!

  46. jess Says:

    how to make a Sim jealous of you?
    and how to discover the goal,accumulate $1000?

  47. Emma Says:

    To make a sim jealous – try going to a couples house at night like Marcelle and Theresa or Jack and Jill. Try a romantic move on one of them while the other is around – that should work!

  48. greyson Says:

    i literally have started playing sims 3 on ipod touch. i am trying to complete my first goal – cooking minestrone. i’ve got my stove and recipe but i can not figure out how to find out the ingredients so i can shop for them. i read above to open inventory? But where do i go for that? Thanks in advance for your help, and also for posting this guide! [:

  49. aubz Says:

    Everytime I invite my spouse over he rejects it , what do I do?

  50. greyson Says:

    never mind, i figured it out!

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    how to discover the goal,accumulate $1000? plz help!!!

  52. jess Says:

    thank you so much,
    i have completed all goals :D

  53. Michelle Says:

    can you make babies w/ this sims?

  54. yohan trous Says:

    It does not matter how much i chat to sims, i can’t pass Best Friend status and I can’t Woohoo, or at least the option doesn’t appear. What have I missed out or done wrong?

  55. ivonne Says:

    I have completed all 73 goals, its written on the goals checklist that i have completed 73 out of 73 goals but still, when i come to the pawn shop, IT IS STILL CLOSED. any idea?

  56. keren Says:

    my Sim 3 on my iphone can’t woohoo nor smooch! Theres no action for it even when I scroll down on Romance.

  57. yinka Says:

    Am stucked i can’t try cooking, i can’t move from try cooking to other goals, please help.

  58. Ajibola Says:

    My last goal on sim 3 keep saying “???” what will i do?

  59. Kimberly Says:

    I need help with the promotion requirement for the athletic career. It says that I have to run to work 14 days. I thought I was, but it’s not showing that I’m doing that. So evidently I’m doing something wrong…Please help!

  60. jardyn Says:

    How do Idiscover a recipe??

  61. kiya Says:

    hiya evryone,
    id just like to say that this list has been very helpful!
    I have it on Nokia C3, and you need the cleaning skill as well as the others to complete Jack of all Trades.
    I see that a lot of you are having trouble with starting a romance. I have discovered (this may not be correct) that if you are past the ‘friend’ stage then you can’t start a romance with them. This is correct in my case anyway. Hope I helped!!!! x

  62. Alyssa Says:

    Thanx that helped slot with my other situations but exactly how do I get my sim to woohoo another sim on my iPod ? Any help would be great o and how do you plant stuff ?

  63. DAlllllyyy Says:

    Once a wish expires does it reappear later?? And does the wish have to be on he tiny list down in the bottom right corner or can I do them at any time?

  64. Sims hacker Says:

    If you need money go to … Left under after that you go to help&about after that to gardening tips. Shake your iphone or ipod touch and you will get 500 every time you shake

  65. Deathmason Says:

    To the peeps asking about how to get the “get a job” and “accumulate 1000″ goals here is the answer. 1st stop being stupid! You said so yourself that all your sims have jobs so why would they want another!?!? Besides, you can make more cash fishin anyways. Same can be said with the 1000 cash goal. Keep your sim poor. Finally, here is a garrunteed woohoo. You must be dating. Then speak in this order: flirt, embrace, pick-up line, smooch then woohoo.

  66. henry Says:

    i just completed the game, if anyone has any questions from here on out, i will try to help.

  67. CoreyPmc1 Says:

    “I have my fishing skill all the way to pro and 1 of my goals is to get a catfish but seeing that I’m a pro I guess that catfish don’t show up anymore only the really good fish… What should I do??? Please send me a e-mail”

    Hey Chad, Great Web Page… I have the same problem as above. Can you help me out? Thanks in advance

  68. CoreyPmc1 Says:


  69. henry Says:

    @coreypmc1. it’s easier to start a new sim with a different type, and wait till the catfish goal comes up, lock it in, and then go fishing till you get the goal.

  70. Lisa Says:

    HELP PLEASE – So far ive completed 45 goals but cant seem to woohoo anyone, is this because im best friends with all the other sims?!! I take it once you are best friends with all the sims there is no chance of being able to date and woohoo anyone now? If so then I’ll never be able to complete all the goals with my current sim. Will I have to create a new sim to be able to Woohoo? Aaaaargh!!!

  71. miranda Says:

    hey, im having loads of trouble with the gardening bit, i cant start anygardening thing at all, i have brought a watering can, seeds and fertiliser and have the first upgrade of the house but i cant move on form there. what do i do?

  72. SplendidSteph Says:

    There is only one goal so far that I have really had trouble with. I can’t seem to “meet all the sims in the city” even though I am already friends with all of them. What should I do?

  73. Aisha Says:

    This really helped, but how do you slap someone?ii’ve insulted people but nothing else came up.

  74. Blair Says:

    Has anyone had any trouble with their sim suddenly disappearing? I went to play the game and my sim was gone! I have been working on her for hours and hours on end. It is like she never existed. When I hit start game, she is not listed as an option. HELP!

  75. blipster Says:

    Great guide.

    My issue is burning food. Out of many, many cooking attempts, I’ve only cooked a meal successfully about 2 times. I shake the pots (by touching them or by shaking my ipod touch) and they always burn!

    Ingredients (and money) wasted! Not to mention no skill points gained.

    How do I cook the food without burning it?

  76. Kristen Says:

    How do you get them to start dating? I can’t get passed the Best Friend stage so there is no option to smooch or woohoo. Please help!

  77. juprie Says:

    i’ve been playing this game for a week, and thanks to this guide i have discovered & completed all 72 goals, there is only 1 left “buy fishing kit”. i’ve tried everything, all types of sims & personality, but i can’t seems to get that wish discovered.. any help?

  78. Marilyn Says:

    I have completed 72/73 and the last one is not discovered yet. It has been a while…and what is “buy xxx” like it says in the completionists list? Please help. Any would be appreciated!

  79. Krys Says:

    Completed all goals opened pawn shop, now what?the only thing in pawnshop inventory is red car, bought it to see if something else would appear but didn’t change. Is the only benefit making $ no other point of the pawn shop? Thanks

  80. Emi Says:

    How do you discover a new recipe? I bought all the recipes and all the ingredients are stocked and I’ve tried planting all types of seeds but it just won’t work

  81. Anonymous Says:

    @Emi: If you have bought all the recipes, create a new sim, wait until the “discover a new recipe” wish appears, go to the corsican bistro and buy any recipe. I hope this can help you.

    @henry: I would like to know how do you own the best house. Any help will be appreciated.

  82. laura Says:

    hi ive got a nokia touch screen phone and no matter what I do I cant gain the last skill point on cooking. It burns really quickly and has cost me loads in food lol. Only 2goals left to complete now, this is 1and its driving me mad! Please help :)

  83. JADE Says:


  84. Mina Says:

    Hi, one of my personal goals os to be friends with all the sims in town. When i started to play i fooled around and made Ruth my nemessis. Now no matter how much i talk to her or anything she still wont be my friend! How do i make her be my friend again? Please help me :]

  85. Sharon Says:

    hi, i m stuck on slap on a sim and in a relationship wit a sim. i keep tender embrace and flick also cant. plz help.

  86. tlb Says:

    Re: How to slap? How to make an enemy?

    It’s not pretty. You have to go up to a Sim and use the Be Rude options – over and over and over if it’s a Good or Best Friend. After you’ve Insulted, Argued, and Humiliated enough times, the Slap option appears. Keep doing that and eventually you have an Enemy.

    If you don’t have a Be Rude option, do rude things like Barge In instead of Knock or Flirt with someone’s partner until the “Like-o-meter” drops back to Friend. At some point, you will surely get the Be Rude option.


  87. tlb Says:

    Did I miss something? I completed the 75 goals and got the best job at the Pawn Shop.

    1. Pawn Shop
    After getting the Pawn Shop job, I thought the Sim would get some new actions, e.g. stealing cars or stereos. No?

    Pawn Shop only offered a car (could be bought for the same price at the car dealer) and no option to fence “inventory”?

    2. Maniac Sim
    The teasers suggested more than 1 new action for a Maniac Sim. I only found 1, the Talk To plants action. Are there more?

    3. Is there anything else to do?
    I figured there would be some kind of congratulatory pop-up upon getting the top job at the Pawn Shop – something like, “Good job; you’ve done it all and seen it all”.

    If that’s it, finishing the game is a bit anti-climatic, IMO.

  88. Ray Says:

    I have a best friend on the game I want to marry. So how to I un-bestfriend her to make her a date?

  89. Nomad Says:

    Hi I just wanted to know, Iv gotten a recipe but I don’t know the ingredients where can I find them.

  90. Nomad Says:

    Hi I was just Wanted to know, Iv got my recipe but I don’t know the ingredents where do I get them

  91. Isis Says:

    I can’t find bernie’s trash can!!

  92. Isis Says:

    So I found Bernie trash can but now I have 72 out of 73 goals discovered??? I need help!

  93. Rafael Says:

    The only problem I’m having stress with is how to make a sim jealous???

  94. Rafael Says:

    I don’t know how to make a sim jealous

  95. AJ Says:

    How do I be like liked by all the sims in town? I’m stuck here.

  96. rest Says:

    bernie or quickmart does promotion. but you need to complete the 10days attendance for each level of promotion.

  97. rest Says:

    one more thing, bernie can be found in his house during night hours. 20:00 onwards. anyway, thank you for posting this guide. it helps a lot. :)

  98. Stef Says:

    I’m stuck at being “partner” i can’t WooHoo there.. How do I move on to being spouse or fiance? So that I can WooHoo, And i also can’t find the airport, Can you please tell me how to find the airport, and how to WooHoo?

  99. Michelle Says:

    Hey, so I’m stuck! Lol. It’s the last 5 before it will unlock the rest. I’m playing the nice guy. If anyone has some tips would be appreciated. Thank you!

  100. Emily S Says:

    To make a sims jealous go marcell and theresas and flirt with one

    Get the ingredients from the supermarket

    The best way to marry your best friend is to be really rude and make them disliked then flirt and do sexy dances and stuff

  101. Be romantically involved with 3 sims Says:

    What to do to be jumped out of the mission ,,Be romantically involved with 3 sims,,?

  102. Mayna Says:

    I’ve tried everything I could to woohoo my partner on the sims 3 for iPhone but I can’t… I don’t even have the option to smooch… What should I do? That is driving me crazy… Can you guys help? Thanks

  103. Cali Says:

    The option to slap a sim or to be rude isn’t there so what do I do ?

  104. Joe Rivast Says:

    I want to unlock new furniture, but I don’t know how.

  105. charles Says:

    how do i get the goals done when have already done some of the stuff that i need to do and i cant get them done. ps. please help.

  106. erika Says:

    @ rafael to make a sim jealous flirt/ hug/ kiss with his/ her partner

  107. Louise Says:

    What if propose or marry doesn’t show up in the romantic section, what will I do?

  108. Joe Rivast Says:

    Can you complete a goal before it appears for the first time in your wishlist

  109. Dart Says:

    Once you are friends with a sim, your romantic advances will no longer be effective. You basically have to start a romantic relationship “from scratch” – kind of unrealistic, but then it’s not a real world, it’s Sims.
    If you’re already friends with the sim you want to court, you might try insulting, arguing and slapping until the sim dislikes you. Then you apologise (but not too many times, otherwise you’ll end up as a friend again), and start flirting.
    It is strangely possible to have a full-on relationship with an already involved sim; for example my sim was engaged to Jake, despite Jake being the live-in boyfriend of Maggie. You just have to limit your romantic interaction to when the jealous partner is not around (unless you don’t care).

  110. Dart Says:

    Also, if you are romantically involved with a sim, but can’t find the romantic action you want, do the romantic actions which are there, eg, flirt, embrace, a few times, and some more options will appear.

  111. Kayz Says:

    What should i do? I cant find the last goal..i already completed 74/75 goal and also all persona goal (each sim)

  112. Ashly Says:

    Can you have a baby in the sims 3for the iPod.

  113. Olivia Says:

    when a wish expires, will it apear later? and if it doesnt, can i just do it whenever?
    please help!

  114. Christal Says:

    Hey how do you grow things in the sims?

  115. Susie Homemaker Says:

    Christal, you have to upgrade your house. The only way to do that is wait for the game to give you the option. This first upgrade costs 1000 simoleons. To check to see if you already have the option, click on the chair icon that takes you to where you buy furniture. If the option to upgrade is there, you’ll see it.

  116. BernieIsADick Says:

    Actually, the easiest way to earn money is to go to the pause menu (the 3 dots at bottom left corner), go to help and about, then go to “Gardening Tips”. when your there, shake your iphone/ipod.

  117. Swanand Says:

    I play Sims3 on my mobile it says that I have completed and discovered 74/75 goals. Still the Pawn Shop has not opened. I have completed all the Personal Goals of each Sim trait

  118. Taqui Says:

    God loves u

  119. Jamie Says:

    How do you unlock things like furniture or electronics?

  120. Keoo Says:

    What if you allready did that goal. Does that mean that I need to restart at a new job. If you know the answer please tell

  121. Swanand Says:

    @ Christal — Upgrade House and you will get a Garden to grow things

    I completed the game

  122. Chizzle Says:

    ahhhhh!!! My sim just disappearedd….i dunno wat 2 doo…i cnt just start againn… just gonna stop playinn…..buh anottther question……i use a Nokia E63 and i only hav 3 spaces to create sims. How am i supposd to create 6 simss??? Somone help and ill answer ANY question u hav

  123. Nat Says:

    My sim works in the lab, it won’t do the last level up? And it won’t tell me how to

  124. Monica Says:

    A better way to quickly improve repairing skills is turning your radio or tv on and off a lot. Its faster and free!

  125. Jace Says:

    my sim is best friend with johnny. no matter how i insult, argue, humilate or slap him, our relationship wont downgrade. just keep stuck on best friends. how???
    Fyi, i’m playing it on iphone4.

  126. Sims cheats Says:

    To get money go to the three dots, help and about, gardening tips and shake your iPod or iPhone. You’ll like what you find it does

  127. Orlando Agni Says:

    how to gain a repair skill? and what should be repaired? thanks!

  128. Hanna Says:

    Hi, i wounder where the things that i bought in hobbyshop goes cant find them anywhere:o I also wounder what i do wrong I get no money when i go gardening tips and then shake ? Thx

  129. Ugar Says:

    Pls i don’t know how to work though i’ve got a job could you tell me

  130. Georgina Says:

    I can’t seem to upgrade my house. Looked in build mode but can’t seem to find it!! Any ideas people. I only got the game 2 days ago!! X

  131. samantha Says:

    how do i befriend a sim? help! i have a palm pre +

  132. Irene Says:

    Hey there, I have a problem! Lol, I play on iPhone 4 and my sim is partnered with Jake. This happened b4 I knew Jake already had a partner. Anyway Jake is with Maggie so won’t move in with my aim and now my sim wants a romance but I have tried for ages with her best friend and it just won’t happen! I am trying to down grade the relationship with Jake but it’s not working.
    Is there anything I can do to break the partner thing with Jake?

  133. GLORIA Says:

    hello.. i was not able to buy the fixing kit.. i cannot find the store to buy the kit..i’m currently playing on ipod 4G… could you please help me find the store…
    and where is the pawn shop that you are talking about/? my sim is currently working at the embassy but i do want a better job.. i’m getting 150 simoleans per day… but i would like to trevel some more… thank you for taking your time to read my message!

  134. Chloe Says:

    Hello, I have completed all Personal Goals for each of the “Type” and I have completed 72/73 goals. The last one I have to complete is “Accumulate $1000″ however, this has not come up for any of my Sims. I need to complete this goal in order to unlock the Pawn Shop. Please help, will be very appreciated. Thanks :)

  135. Anoymous Says:

    To get quick money just go to the menu, select help and about then chose gardening tips then shake your iPhone/iPod for 500 simoleons. Unlimited uses!!!

  136. Shakirah Says:

    so i have an android optimus u and ive downloaded sims 3 okay so my first sim is a jack of all trades i completed all of her personal goals that was easy but when i checked my goal list alot of the goals i completed isnt checking off o_O like buying a bath…i clearly have a bath so do i need to create another one and wait for the wish to come up and buy it again.? im just wondering #help

  137. Nate Says:

    who do you think is the most attraactive girl.?

  138. Tati Says:

    My sims has a baby I want to know if it ever grows up and how do I shower it? Please help.

  139. Mary Says:

    I’ve completed all goals n working at pown shop with 600 salary
    Now what?that’s it?

  140. tailerdawn Says:

    soo i have a keybo 2 and i got the sims 3 i JUST got the criminal career unlocked but thats all that happened. and it wont even let me get the job! oh and it said i only had to complete 48 goals instad of 55… im confused on what to do next! and how will i know when i get get a house upgrade! pleaaaaase help me! xD im stuccck.

  141. tailerdawn Says:

    chizzle… – keep your jack of all trades as your main sim then make a sim of each catagory you only have three spaces so after you make a sime and complete its personal goal, delete it and make a new sim and keep repeating until you have complated all the sims persona

  142. Susie Says:

    I have done the 55 and all 6 Sims personals, it says I only have 74 out of 75 discovered and solved. Still has one listed as ???. What is it?

  143. Bia Says:

    Hey what do you mean by 6 different sims? Like 6 different files? I am so confused! Please help!

  144. Neat Says:

    How do u unlock the slob trait?

  145. surendra aditan Says:


  146. bianca Says:

    i cant cook. i have purchased a recipe from the local “Corsican Bistro” but i cant cook. i have a stove and i have all the ingredients PLEASE HELP!!!!

  147. waseema Says:

    I hav the black berry curve and I can’t cook :(!!! I really dnt know how to! I spEnt about 500 moola on my main sim trying to cook cheese on toast… Help please

  148. taylor Says:

    How do i gain a reparing skill point?

  149. aurelie moeremans Says:

    I’ve 6 sims, 72 goals discovered n completed..
    The only goal that I’ve not “discovered” is “get 1000 Simoleons”
    I don’t understand.. 3 of my sims don’t have 1000 simoleons yet but I wait for houres and
    Houres, I don’t get that stupid goal.. Please help me.. 1 goal left :'( thank you

  150. yolanda Says:

    I can’t fish!!! I see the hook and the “Yank now” sign but when I Yank it does nothing. Do I do it multiple times or once or what

  151. Linda Says:

    How do I unlock the slob trait? Thanks in advance!

  152. Summer Says:

    I have discovered and did 71 goals, and as I saw on your goals list, I haven’t had goals of “accumulate 1,000″ and “buy a repair kit” I have done all 6 sims and I have been waiting for these goals, but they will not come up. What do i do? I need help! Thank you

  153. Summer Says:

    I have 6 sims, 71 goals discovered and completed, the 2 goals that I’ve not “discovered” is “get 1000 Simoleons” and “buy a repair kit”
    I don’t understand..2 of my sims don’t have simoleons and i have been wanting to “discover” the goal. please help me, thanks.

  154. ziggy Says:

    how do i un best friend her and date

  155. Dirk Says:

    How can I complete “try cooking”? I’ve already achieved the highest cooking skill, but somehow I still need to complete “try cooking” please help!

  156. ty Says:

    how do i befreind a sim????

  157. kristy Says:

    I’m soooo annoyed! Lol I have the Sims 3 for windows phone 7 and I am stuck on the bad to the bone achievement and the well rounded one as well.ive already completed both but for some reason they won’t show up. I’ve literally tried everything! Heeeelp!

  158. Carol Says:

    Hi playing sims 3 on samsung tocca lite have got all 73 goaks ticked off but pawn shop is still saying closed till further notice can u help?

  159. mel Says:

    One of my sims can’t get past the partner stage and the other can’t get past the best friend stage. Also, I can’t sell any of my fish at the market and the pawn shop is always closed. Should I try uninstalling and reinstalling? What can I do? Please someone help. Thanks

  160. Luke Says:

    Awesome guide, works on Android just as well.

    One little tip I’ve picked up is that with the modern stereo you can stand next to it and turn it on and off really quickly and easily. After about 20 times it needs repairing. Keep doing that and it speeds up the repairing skill so much!


  161. Monica R Says:

    I have completed 52 of my 75 goals I am playing on the mytouch 4g and I wanted to know when I create 3 different sims do all the goals link up? I am lost on how to make another sim without creating a new sim

  162. Monica R Says:

    How do i discover my last two goals?

  163. Boo Says:

    How can I complete the rest of the goals when they don’t pop up?? Im starting to get sick of waiting!

  164. Joyce Says:

    I was stucked in the “Check the Mail” Goal …. I already open a mail but it still can’t get through

    how to do that

  165. Rohebat Says:

    I accidentally got budding romance with maggie but I wanna be romantic with nina. It seems you can only have romance with one sim at a time since I was romantic with nina for a whole day and got nothing yet all I did with maggie was give her a hug 😭. How can I get rid of it?😥

  166. Gabriela Says:

    I have kind of just started playin this game. For one goal it say that I need four sims to start a party and to bring all four of them to the town map. I only have 3 sims and I don’t know how to add a new one without having to buy a new house for them. When I try to buy a house it says I need some kind of money thing for it. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  167. Gabriela Says:

    It also won’t let me log into origin so that I can check my mail. It says I need to log in but when I click the yes to log init won’t let me. It just closes

  168. Niamh Says:

    I’m soo stuck! How do I get the actions button appear so that I can move my married sims in together ??

  169. Erin Says:

    how many times can you upgrade your house and can you have kids

  170. Kaeli Says:

    Im playing the sims 3 for the iPhone and I was wondering how to make a relationship w the sim I want one w. it’s not progressing beyond best friend am I doing something wrong? 😢

  171. haruhi Says:

    To move your married sims in together, you just simply need to go to your house and invite your wife/husband to your house by phoning she/he. Once she/he come to your house, ask she/he to move in with you..

    Btw, can you please post about how to crack all the sims traits?

  172. Monica shresta Says:

    Hi, how can you see how many wishes you have completed because I’ve been doing all the ones I’ve already done, I need help to unlock more, I know I haven’t done a few of them, any help would be really appreciated!!xxxxxx

  173. Monica shresta Says:

    Hi, how do you make more sims? And how can you have kids with your husband?

  174. simantha Says:

    i have unlocked 72 goals and cant complete the last one accumulate $1000 is it because i have been using a money cheat even though ive already accumulated $5000 using the cheat?

  175. Daniel Says:

    I have two goals showing ??? And they are apparently “Buy a stove” and “Get a Job” but i dont know how to unlock them! Any help would be nice Thanx in advance

  176. Fil Says:

    Hi everyone,
    i have complete 73/75 goals for the mobile version on blackberry and i have made 2 jerks sims now and went over the entire town 4 times now kicking over all the trash cans and for some reason i cant get the goal complete. i have checked every single house 4 times even cleaned up the trash and rekicked them down and yes i have kicked my own trash can down as well is anyone else getting the same problem?

  177. Lefty Says:

    How do you be liked by all sims in town

  178. Swagalicious Says:

    Not true I make 800 as a firefighter

  179. GOC Says:

    You want a promotion easily? Create a male sim, get a job at the lab. Boss: Kia. Flirt with, then marry her. Easy promotion. Then divorce her, shell be angry, but youll already be at the top.

    also, download shadow cities! it rules!

  180. nUkA Says:

    @kil I have the same pr0blem as urz and have been searching the web the wh0ole tym f0r a s0luti0n I even l00ked ar0und the h0uses the see if ther isn’t a hiddnt trash can(lol) but h0w d0 I get t0 kick 0ver all the trash can? PLZ HELP

  181. Kim Mitchell Says:

    Hi how do I get the ‘meet a new sim’ goal when I have already met all the sims? Thanks

  182. Joa Says:

    Goals for Sims
    Is asking me to “Buy a Bench” for example: ” What’s the point of having neat stuff if you don’t have anywhere to put it? Buy a Bench”! Okay, I bought several banches and nothing, can anyone tell me how to pass this? Thanks!

  183. Nic Goss Says:

    Is there an easy way to unlock goals? I have loads still to achieve but none of these have popped up in my active goals.

    Also one of my remaining goals is ‘Meet a New Sim’ but I’ve met everyone. Is there a way around this?



  184. sarahh89 Says:

    how do i complete ‘own best house’?? i own all through expensive stuff

  185. Artsy girl Says:

    READ THIS!!!!!!!! I found a cheat where you can access a lot of money so this is pointless. Just go click on the three little dots in the corner ( pause button) and go to gardening tips then shake the iPhone or iPod and the more you shake, the more u earn. YOUR WELCOME!!!!!!

  186. Artsy girl Says:

    P.S. you still need to complete the goals though but not all of them

  187. Victoria Says:

    If one of the 73 wises expire, does it apper again?

  188. victoria Says:

    1. How do you unlock evrything such as furniture and if a wish expire does it appear again?

  189. Snsgirl30 Says: I do now that the pawn shop is open and I make $600 a day its like now what? Or is the game pretty much over besides decorating ur house! HELP???

  190. Kay Says:

    If the sim dies, do the goals restart or is it just repeating until I make the other sims?

  191. Dan Says:

    Go on to the … menu the click on help. Go down to gardening tips then shack you idevice. You should gain 500 coins. You can do this as many times as you like.

  192. Romm Says:

    How to make enemy?

  193. Ghost.Prince69 Says:

    I’ve completed everyone and it still wont open!

  194. Zac The Simser Says:

    I haven’t found the wishes Accumulate $1000. What should I do to get that wish??

  195. anonomys Says:

    How can I garden o_O

  196. krishna Says:

    hey with which girl can sim marry???
    R there options or what??
    Please say me way

  197. ren Says:

    how to have a baby?

  198. juavan harmse Says:

    I have thesims3 version 1.0.12 i spent the whole day playing and i unlocked the pawnn shop could anyone tell me if u could buy any other items then a car. If u cant that sucks pls help.

  199. juavan harmse Says:

    Oh yeah and i have an xperia x8

  200. juavan harmse Says:

    For my next question how do i steal in the game

  201. Elizabeth Says:

    I have all 6 sims and have completed all their personal goals but haven’t “discovered” one last goal. Please help! I am stuck on 72 out of 73 and don’t know what goal I have left.

  202. Caroline Says:

    Hi. I have gotten 72 out of 73 goals and the last one hasn’t popped up yet. What is that goal and do I have to unlock all sims traits?? Please helpp!!!

  203. April Says:

    Once you’re done with everything, that’s it. The game is pretty much over. All that’s left is continuing everyday life. Nothing new happens. Your sims can’t have children or do most of anything that they can do in the pc version. And the pawn shop has just the red car that costs the same as the cars in the dealership. It’s lame. I hope EA will make major updates soon and make this game like the pc version.

  204. Marcell Says:

    PLEASE HELP ME! I have no idea how to be in a relationship! It says i am partners with everyone but thats weird! I want to live with somebody! HOW DO I WOO-HOO THEM MY SIM IS A SLUT SHE NEEEDS to woo-hoo

  205. Lara Says:

    Hello, im actually the vice-president, but in my goals list, it isn’t cheked..and im already in the maximum level on fishing, and one of my wishes is to get a point in fishing, but i cannot! What do i do??

  206. Kathyrinne Says:

    This may be a stupid question, but how do you add more sims to a game? I’m playing on the iPhone 4 and I can’t figure out how to add more Sims like you said to do in order to have different Sims with different personalities.

  207. Alexa Says:

    ive been trying to sell some fish ive caught. i cant seem to figure out how. please hekp! how is it done and specific intructions if can :)

  208. Jannna Says:

    Can you be a president? (not vice president) please answear. sorry for my english.

  209. ERIKA Says:


  210. Adinda Says:

    Hey all! Hope you can help me unlocking my last goal! The only one I need to discover is “buy a fishing kit”. I have sold my fishing kit, but the wish just didn’t came up after days and days. So I tried creating an extra sim, but this didn’t help either. Does anyone have any tips on how to unlock this goal?
    Thanks Chad for this great guide!

  211. yasar Says:

    how do you complete your person goal: be like all the sims in town
    please help me

  212. ammber Says:

    Hey um i cant get my sim to woohoo ive been partners with jonnyforever and the otion just wont show up

  213. jDelingaTomorijg Says:

    When I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now every time a remark is added I get 4 emails with the identical comment. Is there any method you’ll be able to take away me from that service? Thanks!

  214. SyrianEagle98 Says:

    I just have a question…lets say I completed a goal before the sim asks me to…is it done or I have to wait until the sim asks me to do the wish

  215. Rebecca Says:

    i cant woohoo with sims or begin a romantic relationships. how do you do that? and another way to make quick bucks is to go to the pause menu,click help and about, go to ‘gardening tips’ and then shake your ipod/iphone. i always get loads :D

  216. Tash Says:

    Wheres Bernies trashcan ???? I searched everywhere :( Please help me and Ty!

  217. Tash Says:

    Rebecca if ur reading this. The easiest way is to invite the sim to your house and keep doing romantic things. Then you will see that you can scroll down on romantic and you will find marry sim and woohoo. I hope your reading this and I hope I’m helping other people too!

  218. Tash Says:

    Sorry about all the comments but does anyone read the heroes of Olympus series and the Percy Jackson series? I’m just saying but I made all seven profiles one of the seven from the quest to stop Gaia! I was just wondering if anyone has read those books and if anyone did the same thing. Please reply if you did! And if anyone didn’t know you can scroll down when you choose to interact with someone or something.

  219. Some Dude Says:

    my job was: cheating and i earn around 1500 $ – 3000 $ a day however i still fascinated about the pawn shop. to cheat just go to the gardening tips and shake your phone and you will earn 500$ per shake (only works for older versions)

  220. Jaguar Says:

    this was awesome! go to the menu, click help and about, click gardening tips and shake. You get 500 dollars.

  221. Thalha Says:

    in sim ‘jack of all trades’ could we use modern lamp instead of cheap stereo ?

  222. Thalha Says:

    one more thing is that u can have more than one spouse with one sim.

  223. Thalha Says:

    u can use ur cheap tv to raise ur repairing skill.
    Turn on and off ur cheap tv 10 times . ( turn on-1, turn off-2, turn on-3,……..) then ur tv becomes shorted then u can raise ur repairing skill

  224. Thalha Says:

    statement about cheap tv is wrong iam sorry . Turning on and off makes ur tv shorted i hope this works for all

  225. Jacqueline Christine Thomspon Says:

    Can you have babies on the iPhone version?

  226. Ana Says:

    How can i keep my sim entertain for 3 days!? Thanks

  227. help Says:

    It does not matter how much i chat to sims, i can’t pass Best Friend status and I can’t Woohoo, or at least the option doesn’t appear. What have I missed out or done wrong?

  228. Anne Says:

    I am currently left with only 1 goal to achieve before i fulfill all the goals. I can’t seem to own the best house after upgrading my house twice! PLEASE HELP!

  229. Ella Says:

    i have completing 52 wishes and i keep getting the same wishes over and over, what should i do?

  230. emelie Says:

    How do i put multiple sims in the same game/town. When i go to create one it starts a whole new game and i cant make my previous and new sim interact.

  231. Mia Says:

    Which sims on sims 3 ( iPhone version) have the sleaze trait? And also how do I get the pawn shop to open??

  232. Mus Says:

    I already discover 71 wish how can I get another 2 wish?

  233. fajri Says:

    how about ‘be liked by all the sims in town’? being bestfriends to everyone or make a love relationship?

  234. CJ Says:

    I’ve completed 71/73 the other two haven’t been discovered yet, ones accumulate $1000 how do I make the wish come up? PLEASE HELP!

  235. Lilly Says:

    If u go into their house without knocking, don’t apologize. It makes them dislike you.

  236. Caity Says:

    Hi. I have done everything required for Sims 3 app except I can’t get the last trait of Kia. I have conversationalist, active and Friendly but I can’t get the last one. I have tried everything I can think of. I thought the last trait was easily bored but every time I try to bore her it just comes up be careful your sim is starting to bore Kia but will then not come up with Kia has the easily bored trait like it did for Marcell. It is making me think that maybe that is not her last trait after all. Could you please help me discover the last trait and how to do it, thank you :)

  237. schaneil Says:

    hi! can someone help me “how to reach the top of the carrer ladder?”… i’ve been trying to ask my boss for a promotion, my boss is already my spouse but still no promotion…only negative sign is keep on appearing…thanks

  238. Chloe Says:

    Can you make a guide for all the traits of the sims and how to fnd them

  239. Jordan Says:


    Read the “Goals & Objectives” “Romancing the Sim” before you start befriending Sims. Once you have various skills (fishing, cooking, etc.) various Sims will ask you to do things for money. Various Sims don’t like each other and will ask you to smack, annoy or kick over the trash can of other Sims for money.

    Johnny will pay you $200 for Salmon (fish).
    Walter will pay you $200 for Trout (fish).
    Nina will pay you $200 for Snapper (fish).
    Kia will pay you $200 for Cat Fish (fish).
    Kia will pay you $90 to slap Ruth.
    Ruth will pay you $90 for kick Kia trash.
    Ruth will pay you $40 for cheese.
    Maggie will pay you $70 for fertilizer.
    Maggie will pay you $30 for carrot.
    Jake will REQUEST YOUR FREE GIFT for fishing kit.
    Jake will REQUEST YOUR FREE GIFT for steak.
    Marcel will give you a salmon recipe for a salmon.
    Marcel will give you $30 for egg.
    Theresa will pay you $20 for beans.
    Jack will pay you $90 to slap Bernie.
    Jill will pay you $xx for xx (forgot).
    Bernie will pay you $30 to annoy Jack.
    Luke will pay you $90 for annoy/kick trash to Marcell.

  240. Jordan Says:

    schaneil Says:
    October 27th, 2013 at 7:16 am

    hi! can someone help me “how to reach the top of the carrer ladder?”… i’ve been trying to ask my boss for a promotion, my boss is already my spouse but still no promotion…only negative sign is keep on appearing…thanks
    Jordan Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    — END QUOTE —

    >>> That bcoz u still not achieve another REQUIREMENT (“xx” skill level -or- how much you have friends)

  241. edris mindalano Says:

    how can I unlock get a job goal?

  242. edris mindalano Says:

    how can I unlock get a job goal?
    it’s only the goal that I did not unlock.
    please help me.

  243. Bre Says:

    I’m stuck. I am a sleeze, i keep the same goals over and over. Catch 15 fish.catch a catfish, I have the highest skill is all the categories. 5 in everything. I’ve complete 50 wishes. I already have the best tv, and like I said I’m a 5 in repairing. So how I can I unlock more wishes?

  244. plzz Says:

    i m using a phantom + I downloaded the sims but I can’t scroll pass d first 2 options like I can’t buy a recipe..plzz help

  245. Simmerinneed Says:

    Hey, what about adding the town sims jobs with their names, the others instead of the bosses?

  246. Simmerinneed Says:

    To quote:

    Bre Says:
    February 18th, 2014 at 1:42 pm
    I’m stuck. I am a sleeze, i keep the same goals over and over. Catch 15 fish.catch a catfish, I have the highest skill is all the categories. 5 in everything. I’ve complete 50 wishes. I already have the best tv, and like I said I’m a 5 in repairing. So how I can I unlock more wishes?

    You need to try and get other sims created or just wait for the goals to pop up and such. Hope this helps anyone else stuck.

  247. Simmerinneed Says:

    Bernie will always be a jerk but he will let you get a raise if you ask him and have completed his goals for a raise, sometimes you’ll get a opurtunity and depending what you chose you’ll either get promoted or fired or miss the chance, the reast is there to find out.

    Hope this helps. :)

  248. barbra Says:

    I am in a best friend zone, and want a romantic relationship, I have tried flirting no change and when I try to insult to go back down to dislike then try with the romace still not change not matter what it is staying as best friend.


  249. Vipul Says:

    I hve compltd 72/73 goals n 1goal yet nt discored n it is ‘accumulate 1000′(search on net)..,so hw. to discovr it?

  250. lulu Says:

    i kicked all the trash cans in the jerk personality and it didnt say goal done. what should i do?

  251. Jennifer Says:

    How do you accomplish the goal to stay entertained for 3 days? My sims fun meter is maxed out, and I have kept it maxed out for a week, but the goal isn’t toggling as completed. Is there something specific I need to make her do? Atm I’m just having her watch the tv to keep the fun meter maxed.

  252. Jennifer Says:

    Oh yes, in case it makes a difference.. I’m on a Kindle Fire, not an ipad/ipod.

  253. kobby Says:

    completed 72/73 goals and one undoscovered, which is the get job goal. pls help me complete.

  254. kobby Says:

    Cant discover the last goal, which is the get a job goal, but i ve alrdy completed 72/73 of the goals. Pls help me.

  255. Jimmy brake Says:

    Hi, I completed 72/73 goals and one of all are missed, that is accumulate 1000$, in version 1.5.18, I get in to goals checklist last it just say ???, I try to play and complete all goals again, and the whis are open, but now in version 1.5.21, I do it again same as version 1.5.18 but now it not open, can you tell what should I do to open this wish plz, missed goal “Acuumulate 1000$”

  256. Antanas 123 Says:

    Once a wish expires does it reappear later?

  257. Ali Says:

    Pawn shop it’s close What to do to get open

  258. abrar Says:

    how to have a baby in android phone?

  259. pooya Says:

    How to get married

  260. scha Says:

    How to doawload this game.. I really love this game but I don’t nothow ti doawload.

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