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The best way to get in touch is via e-mail.  If you have a project-specific question, please use the relevant mailing list.

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  1. Hello Chad,
    the acrticle that you have written about “You won’t learn This is school: Disabling Kernel Function in Your Process”. was wriiten for the 32Bits x86, do you have revised on for the 64Bit and do I have to modify the IAT table?

    How about replacing the malloc,calloc,realloc, and free with my own function having the same signatures.
    The idea I want to be my functions to be called first and inside my function I keep track who called me, the call the real malloc and get back to my function and continue from there.

    Thank you

  2. Hi Salman. Unfortunately, I haven’t investigated updating that code for 64-bit. However, you might look at something like Microsoft Detours to see if it accomplishes what you want.

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