QBasic Games

My first programming experience was in QBasic on my old 12 MHz 286.
I spent two years writing games and toys before having the chance to learn
C and x86 assembly. If I hadn’t been curious enough to figure out that
gibberish on the screen after playing QBasic Nibbles or Gorillas, perhaps
I wouldn’t be where I am today.

These are a set of programs written by me and my friends. I recommend
castles3.bas (Very popular in my high school. I’ve had countless requests
to resurrect it.), fvirus.bas (tee hee), k&n.bas (first program ever?),
othello.bas (first experience with trying to write decent AI), maybe
pong2.bas, but definitely spygame.bas (second program).

Finally, you’ll need a QBasic interpreter. Windows 9x came with it
if I recall correctly. Otherwise you can download it from Microsoft

Download qbasic.zip

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