Well, the story is this. My dad bought me a hard drive for Christmas a couple
years ago, and it came with a keyboard. However, this was not a normal keyboard.
It had a strange triangle key in the upper right corner above the number pad.
This key had no use, since the keyboard came with no drivers. One day I was
writing some input routines for a program, and I found out that the keyboard
actually *did* send a keystroke command to Windows. Me being the insane
programmer that I am, I had to give a use to that key. I wrote a program called
QuickKey to check if the triangle key and another key are pressed at the same
time. If so, it starts a program. :) TRI+N starts Netscape, and TRI+W starts
Winamp… Of course, these are all configurable. If you don’t have a wonderful
triangle key, you can set QuickKey to use an equally worthless key like F12.


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