Do you know how unbelievably hard it is to be in love with someone who doesn’t trust you?

I’m not sure how to deal with is… I can’t lie and say that I don’t care, because I most assuredly do, but it’s hard to help someone when he/she simply doesn’t want to be helped. Maybe I’ll find somebody more sane someday…

Why am I writing this? *goes back to work*

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  1. I’m not sure about being in love with someone that doesn’t trust you, but I do know what it feels like to really like someone, and have them not trust you. I’ve told you all about my situation with Jon, so I think you know what I am talking about. Anyway, I wish I could help you and tell you how to deal with it, but I haven’t figured that out myself yet, so if I do I will share, and I would appriciate if you figure out how to deal if you would share with me. *gives you a hug* I wish there was something I could do to help, you are a good friend.

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