Showers are good

Showers, coffee, and ramen are an engineer’s best friend. I ran into a wall while trying to stick my new audio system into Sphere, so I took a shower to think. I probably figured out the solution within ten minutes. Thanks, shower!

I also realized that, most of my life, I’ve half-assed hygiene. It’s such a mundane task that I feel no desire to excel at it. Except for today! In thanks to the shower I scrubbed very thoroughly from head to toe. Now I can write better code. :)

4 thoughts on “Showers are good”

  1. I somehow found my way to your journal… This is pretty much just a random comment… Hi. =]

    Oh… I think you got the year wrong on your birthdate… ;-]

    Birthdate: 2001-07-02

  2. Hello. ^_^ I fixed the birthdate… oops…

    So I see you’re a computer science person too… Go to Iowa State. :)

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