Chris Jarvis rules

Okay, now that I’m done releasing the software and evangelizing (gotta let people know it exists!), I can relax… Feels nice. I’m going through all of my 75 messages in my inbox (sorry guys!) and taking care of those… also keeping up to date on message board posts.

Anyhow, I guess the real reason I posted was to say that is right. This song, Northern Sky, by Chris Jarvis, is absolutely amazing. Independent trackers blow me away again and again with the beauty of their creations. On the other hand, they all seem depressed. Come to think of it, a lot of artists are. Peace, everyone. Life is good.

(and listen to the song!)

1 thought on “Chris Jarvis rules”

  1. Amazingly, almost all of Chris Jarvis’ songs are like that, if you ever downloaded Impulse Tracker, it comes with Blue Flame, a very cool Chris Jarvis song… look for ’em it’s some good stuff.

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