Haha, you’re old.

Well, I guess I’m the big Two Oh today. Don’t feel any different… Time to write more code.

6 thoughts on “Haha, you’re old.”

  1. Happy birthday, you geezer. Remember, your life was half over when you were 10, so this shouldn’t be any big deal. =)

  2. I think most people feel the same way on their birthdays as they approach our age (which is still very young by the way). I felt the same when my birthday crept up on me last week. I forgot it was even approaching until someone reminded me 2 days prior. 22 now and I don’t feel any different either. ::sigh::

    Happy Birthday none-the-less. Have a slice of cake and light yourself a candle. ;-)

  3. ^_^ Happy birthday! Even though I don’t really know you, it’s always fun to wish someone a happy day. May you have many more birthdays.

    My birthday is comin up tomorrow (July 4th), I’ll be sixteen. I can’t wait to get presents! Yay!

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