The technology strikes again!

…And I depend on it more than ever… I had a headache last night, so my roommate and I decided to come home ‘early’ (which means only an eight or nine hour day). I knew something on the home network was weird, because I wasn’t able to remotely connect to my computer from work. Upon arriving, I found that my computer refused to resolve domain names. “Well that’s odd…” *restart DHCP* “Still doesn’t work…” *restart network interface* “Still doesn’t work…” We knew something was seriously screwed by this point. We tried to traceroute to a computer outside of our subnet, but… “Good god, that can’t be good! The router has an infinite loop to itself!” The hop trace had a few unique IP addresses and then the SAME ONE over and over again until the packet died.

Anyhow, once we decided there was no hope of the network coming back up, we both went to bed. Amazing how not being connected to the outside world is like that, eh? :)

Actually, I didn’t go to bed immediately. I tried my new adapters from Radio Shack… When I bypass the TV card and plug the PlayStation’s RCA jacks directly into my LineIn, it works! Symphony of the Freaking Night, baby! Technology is cool. :) Now I just have to try XawTV in Linux and see if it doesn’t suck like the Windows TV players.

VergeSource is going down. Damn the politics surrounded the_Speed_Bump’s switch from VergeC to Python. THOSE WHO FIGHT WILL NEVER KNOW TRUE ENLIGHTENMENT. Or something. I’m just sick of the close-minded commie bastards (hehehehe) that latch on to software as if it was a family relation and refuse to try new stuff. Then again, this isn’t my fight. So I’ll go back to doing what I do best and not caring. ^_^

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