How do you drive?

chad: Laura’s friend Sami says I drive like an old man.
mike: My mom and Samantha said I drive like an old woman.
chad: O_o
chad: wtf
mike: I just think “Don’t spill the water Takumi!”…its not my fault I don’t drive like a crazy person.
chad: lol
chad: I think that too when I’m driving ;_;
mike: I know…..its like…trying not to feel the G-forces, you know?
chad: I’m working on improving the smoothness of my 15-mph turns around parking lots anf stuff.
chad: Yeah.
chad: Take the smoothest possible line and such…
mike: Yeah. I can jerk the wheel or slam the gas, but I don’t like to very much anymore.
mike: Yeah.
mike: I think of when people are sleeping in my car, I don’t want to wake them up. =)
chad: Plus, I’ve never been in an accident or gotten a ticket, and my car has lasted really nicely.
chad: :)
chad: lol, we should start a club

I guess if my passengers think I’m driving too smoothly, then I’m doing things right, eh? :)

15 thoughts on “How do you drive?”

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

    There’s no other feeling quite like flying down I-30 at 130mph through the night air in a Camero Z-28 with the T-Tops off while listening to Bohemian Rhapsody!

    It’s a shame Daniel moved out of the house — riding in his car was fun.

  2. egad. More people that aren’t in the “I must drive as fast as humanly possible even though I’m not in a hurry to be anywhere” club.

  3. Actually, Mom and I say that Mike drives like Mom. =) We don’t say old woman. Although if the shoe fits… =D I must say Mike is better now than he used to be…he sped most of the way when he helped me move. =) I’ll try not to make so much fun.

  4. my car has lasted really nicely.

    Then what was that about the $1600 or so of engine repairs you had to get done to your car not too long ago, eh? :)

  5. Those were the only major repairs needed in over 30,000 miles of driving, so I’d say that’s okay. Especially with the age of the car.

  6. Yeah, well, I got my license but I’m not allowed to drive because my ADD is just that bad.

  7. I would submit that a $1600 bill after 30,000 miles isn’t especially good *or* bad, especially since I know for a fact that you’ve had several other repairs done to your car since you’ve had it. And how old is your car? Mine is from 1992. :)

    Oh, and if your passengers think you’re driving too smoothly, maybe that’s because you drive like an old woman. :D

  8. All of the other repairs I’ve done have been standard fluid replacements. This is the first time something has needed to be repaired.

    Mine is 1996, but you said you’ve replaced your engine. :P

  9. Sure, the engine has been replaced, but the replacement engine still had 70,000 miles on it when it was put in. You’re still right, but the new engine isn’t *that* new. :)

    Was it this car or the one you had before that had the oil leaking into the gas or the gas leaking into the oil? I might be thinking of that one. I can’t be certain.

  10. I didn’t realize you did an engine transplant with a used engine. Didn’t even know that was possible. :)

    Ah, the gas oil problem. :D That was the 96 Buick. That car has certainly had its problems! (Not to mention the fact that Megan hit two cars with it, and Alan hit a deer.)

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