The alcohol is finally wearing off

Spent the day with friends at Click’s Cyberbar and Grill. Great time. $15 for an all-day gaming pass, and check out the list of games! They have 50 pretty nice shuttle computers (Radeon 9600, decent CPU) and 17″ LCD displays. Plus, the games! Even Gunbound! We only ended up playing Battlefield {Vietnam, Desert Combat} and UT 2004, but we plan to go back there soon. The great thing is that it’s a no-smoking environment, so you don’t come home smelling awful. Oh yeah, did I mention that pitchers of Sam Adams are $6? Eight thumbs up for Clicks from me.

7 thoughts on “The alcohol is finally wearing off”

  1. I’ve checked the site. Damn it should be such an awesome bar! I’ll someday eventually visit it >_>

  2. Heh. The comment about no-smoking environment confused me at first, until I remember that we in California have no such thing as a smoking environment, by law. It really fucks with me when I visit Nevada or Arizona:

    “Hey, that guy can’t smo… oh, right, Arizona.”

  3. People have to smoke outside? Interesting. Some cities around here are passing laws banning smoking indoors until 10:00 p.m. or so.

  4. Yeah. Any place of buisness is non-smoking by law. In particular, the law was made to apply to bars. Apparently waitresses were complaining of being forced to work in environments hazardous to their health.

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