has been starting to look old for a while now. Little bits and pieces were out of date, and I hadn't even written about my new computer in a permanent place yet. Also, I never was happy with the first subsection in the menu. And none of my friends listed in the friends section had sizable Web presences. I hardly ever find time to work on my web site, but the little things annoyed me enough that I made myself spend the last four hours fixing things up. I moved the friends links onto the links page, reorganized the projects, added Basilisk to a boxen page, updated the music and game lists in the about me page, and cleaned up how the blog is integrated with the site. Personally, I think the web site looks better overall, but I would appreciate any feedback.

Now on to the meat of the post: I have released a new tiny bit of software -- CPUInfo. It uses the CPUID and RDTSC instructions on IA-32 architectures to read all kinds of information about the current processors in the system. It can tell you the processor name, brand, frequency, supported instruction sets, features, number of logical processors, serial number, and most anything that is documented in the Intel and AMD developer manuals, as well as a bunch of web sites. If you'd like to use this library in your software, it is licensed under the MIT license.