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I have no classes this semester, just nine research credits. I only have two obligations: getting my thesis done and working on VRAC projects. And all I have to keep me on track is two weekly meetings with my advisor. So it’s fortunate that I came across these articles by Mark T.A.W. about Getting Things Done. I recommend reading them in the following order:

Update: I beat Vantage Masters Online this weekend. Great (albeit old) turn-based strategy. Sort of like Final Fantasy Tactics meets four-way rock-paper-scissors with summoned monsters. And Engrish. Plus it supports multiplayer over a network. If you’re looking for a game, I’d love to play.

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  1. Honestly, I somewhat doubted you’d beat Vantage Masters, seeing how you were so frustrated, and I haven’t heard you mention it for a long time.

    Silly me for doubting. ^_~

  2. I really had to stop and think out-of-the-box for a little bit. Since I was so out-positioned on the battle with the last boss, I decided that I would need to just bum rush him with everything I had early on, and hope that I could live long enough to defeat him. After five or six tries it did end up working. :-)

    Plus, this is part of my New Year’s resolution. Not allowed to buy or download anything else until I’m done with what I have. So I had to beat it eventually. :-)

  3. Ironically I’m sitting here procrastinating by replying to this post and reading the articles :P

    My personal experience was that the crux of the matter is to recognize certain things about myself; mainly that I’m goal-oriented, so setting time-limits like “Spend 2 hours for every hour of class” just doesn’t work for me. I wished more people would put disclaimers of “This might not work for you!”.

  4. Heh, true. I can’t think of any situation where being goal oriented isn’t better than being time oriented.

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