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Starting a few years back, I’ve experienced frequent headaches, which turn rapidly into nausea, unless I sleep. I thought they might be caused by having an out-of-date lens prescription, but it turns out my eyes haven’t changed for some time. So I told my eye doctor what’s been going on and mentioned that I usually got a headache when I didn’t eat on a normal schedule. He said they’re probably hypoglycemia-induced migraines, and the best way to prevent them would be to control my diet. (I now remember the all-nighters working on Sphere in my early college years, and how I’d be kind of dizzy and shaky in the hours leading up to breakfast.) Cut to a few weeks later…

I found this bag of “Lump Candy”* in the Asian food section of the grocery store. Since I have this habit of buying new random things every time I restock my pantry, I picked it up. The bag contained lumps of crystallized sugar. I would eat a few pieces a day, and what do you know, the headaches went away! If I came home from school a little hungry and stressed, I’d eat a few pieces while cooking dinner. That would hold off the headache’s onset long enough to get some real food in me. Alas, I finished the bag a couple weeks ago. The headaches are coming back and Kool-aid isn’t cutting it. Maybe I can order bags of it directly from somewhere…

* Pure sucrose and water, straight from China! Energy content measured in kilojoules, and it’s an “ideal food for the young and the old!”.

4 thoughts on “Asian Remedy”

  1. You do realize the worst way to treat hypoglycemia is with sugar, right?

    Eat six small meals a day and make sure they contain complex carbs, fruit, vegetables, and water. While sugar will halt pain and symptoms when they occur, it heightens the problem with overuse.

  2. Hm, interesting. I do eat a lot of carbs and fruit and juice, but it never seems to help that much…

    I’m not that worried about overuse though, since the serving size for that candy was 50 grams (42 grams of sucrose), about 1/8 of the bag. I only had a few pieces per day and it lasted me for a month.

  3. Well the thing about sugar is that it works quickly and gets depleted quickly.

    My ex-girlfriend had a bit of a sugar problem and ended up getting severe physical and emotional problems due to her diet. She was diagnosed with hypoglycemia and now that she strictly follows a balanced diet, she no longer has those problems. Not many people realize how important a balanced diet is. Maybe I just had too much emotional stress caused by that sort of stuff, but still, beware.

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