cs.iastate.edu sucks.

Grrr. They told me when I started at Iowa State that I’d be able to keep my computer science e-mail address forever, provided I graduated. It would just switch to an alum account with 5 MB of storage and e-mail forwarding. But now it’s gone! Screw you and your policy changes. I wondered why my ACM TechNews hadn’t arrived for over a month… Time to go find everywhere that I use that address and change it. :P

Sounds like a mirror of Lisa‘s post

9 thoughts on “cs.iastate.edu sucks.”

  1. Yeah chad, good thing you didn’t use gmail instead of cs.iastate.edu way back when there was no such thing as gmail. (if memory serves, google itself did not exist at the time either)

    If you’d done that, you wouldn’t be having this problem now!!

  2. Oh man, sarcasm at full alert!

    I have a (still active!) campus account that served as my primary for seven years. gmail was so awesome that I auto-forwarded everything within a fortnight of using it and began erasing all evidence of the edu accounts.

    See, I trust google to be up more and around longer than any state-run institution.

  3. I trust my domain name more than Google. If you look back and remember, even Hotmail was independent and, quite honestly, good. Then it grew, got bought by Microsoft, and turned in to a cesspit of spam. I think we have a few years left before Google become the devil, but I wouldn’t put it past them. I’ll just use aegisknight.org. :-)

  4. But… Google anagrams to… uh… Goo Gel! And any Gelatinous Goo is Goo…d?

    …Fine fine, yYour solution is moar logicaller. ;)

  5. Glad that you got it back and don’t have to change all of the places you have cs.iastate.edu as your email!

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