It's almost over! We're all tired and smelly and ready to go home.

My Amp Goes Up To 11: Audio Reference Levels and Dynamics in Games

Way over my head. Something about standardizing volume levels for various things within games. One huge complaint was about how loud the PlayStation 2 startup sound is.

Will Wright - The Future of Content

:O~~ I apologize to all of you who didn't get to see this in person. It was absolutely amazing. (When will GDC learn that Will Wright needs a freaking auditorium? Come on, he's like the most popular guy here.) I may write more about his project later, but there's no way I'll be able to do it justice. Google for Spore if others have written already.

Mobile Game Development with Java 3D

Not Java3D. They apparently have software renderers in Java that get decent performance on cell phones. Etc.

New Simulation Architectures and Algorithms for Game Physics

The speaker had a poor grasp of time and of English, so this talk turned out to be totally unintelligible and useless.

Conference Associate Postmortem

I won two prizes! First, a book on programming games with Lua, Python, and Ruby. Of course, I already knew most everything in the book, so it was certainly okay by me to return it in order to claim my bigger prize. Some Caligari (Truespace makers) game mod tool. I gave it to Ted, since he probably would get more out of it.

Conference is over! It's really great to be home. A beautiful 16 degrees outside!