It’s time for a survey!

Which sounds more risky and/or disgusting?

1) Having a pot by your bed or couch in which you can puke in an emergency, but if you can make it to the bathroom, go there instead, holding the pot while you walk or run. Flushing to eliminate.

2) Having a trash can by your bed, and just puking in that. Vomit is eliminated when a parent comes and takes the bag away.

7 thoughts on “It’s time for a survey!”

  1. 2) Is disgusting and risky cuz it involves parents. I’d never allow my parents to come and take my vomit. Why should they. So nr 2 is crap :O

  2. Two I agree, but Punky’s reasoning is a little weird O_o I have no problems with my parents interacting with my vomit, but it could be there longer.

    By pot, I presume you mean a cooking pot, which is disturbing, but you can always replace those.

  3. Btw, this new spooky icon fits well with this topic. It is like “the dark Chad” or something. In my view o_O

  4. …why replace? You can just wash it.

    It’s not like your cookware is pourous and absorbs your bile, is it? What are you cooking with, pumice?

  5. I have to vote for both the way you put them.

    1) You cook food you and other people will eat in the pot. You don’t puke where food is going to go later.

    2) That you wait for your parent to come eliminate the vomit is nasty. You live thousands of miles away from them, Chad. That means a long time for the puke to sit there in the trash can before it gets taken out. =P Smelly.

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