Dragon Quest VIII

Dragon Quest 8. Best. Game. Ever. Definitely the best RPG, anyway.

It’s been a looong time since I’ve played a game so excellently compelling.

(yes, updates about the wedding and honeymoon are coming. slowly, but they’re coming.)

17 thoughts on “Dragon Quest VIII”

  1. No, 7 is awful. I almost didn’t buy 8 because of that. But Laura bought it for me, and it’s the bestest ever. :)

  2. Depends on how much money you have, how much you value RPGs, etc. :) For me, it was 90 hours of awesome.

  3. Well, I’ve been kinda wanting a PS2 for a while. I got a DS instead a while back, but now I have money again. I may want a bigger TV first though, since I know I’m getting a wii, and it won’t be very fun if I have to sit two feet from the TV to play.

  4. I picked up a PS2 and DQ8 on Saturday. Got about seven hours it. It is indeed pretty awesome. It reminded me why I prefered DQ to FF. The biggest one is the fact that the random battles occur much less frequently. Invariably in an FF game I will get tired of fighting, start running from all the battles, then I get to an area where I get creamed constantly because I’m not strong enough.

    They need to redo 4 and 5 with this engine. (4 is my favorite game of all time, BTW).

    Also, it came with an FF12 demo disk. If it’s any indication, FF12 may actually be worth buying. The battle system is very MMORPG-like and not the “Haha! I’m going to stop your progress every second step for a battle!” crap that prior FFs get down to.

  5. Cool! :) I thought the game was pretty sweet until halfway through, and then it became simply incredible. Solid gameplay throughout, unlike so many games that peter out.

    Your perspective on FF12 is interesting. I thought it was very strange and boring. But, as always, I’ll buy it. :)

  6. Chad has even gotten me playing and pretty well addicted to DQ8. I think that he likes to watch me play almost as much as he likes to play himeself, because the game is just about as fun to watch as it is to play.

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