Refactor first!

Test-driven development teaches the red-green-refactor
mantra, which works wonderfully when starting a project from scratch.
Chances are good, however, that you’ll spend 80% of your programming
career working in existing codebases. In existing code, I’ve found it
easier to refactor first until the desired behavior change is a
30-minute task. By refactoring first, you’ll…

  • better understand the code you’re about to change.
  • better understand the consequences of your change.
  • make it easier for the person reviewing your change to understand
    its impact. (It’s much easier to review several independent
    refactorings and one simple change than a nonobvious change followed
    by refactorings; or, worse, all of the above in one commit.)
  • reduce risk and save time by preventing unexpected bugs.

Red-green-refactor is great, but try refactoring first!

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