Timothy has somehow convinced a gaggle of us nerdy types to spend hours blogging, every night, for 30 days straight. I intend to use this as an opportunity to talk about some technical topics that interest me. Before I dive in, however, I'd like to introduce myself.

My name is Chad, and I love software.

I spent years of my childhood creating paper and pencil games, which I would foist upon my brother and cousins and schoolmates. When I later discovered that you could program computers to play games too, I knew exactly what my career would be.

My formal education in computer science gave me the rigor to solve larger problems, and my graduate education in human-computer interaction taught me that minor technical decisions can have a large impact on your customers.

I've always been blessed, and having the opportunity to be the first engineering hire at IMVU is no exception. Helping a startup grow from "Will this thing even work?" to "Wow, that's real revenue" to "My work affects millions of people" has been nothing short of amazing. On top of that, I've been able to work with and learn from the most talented people in Silicon Valley.

Hopefully I can spread some of their wisdom with this blog.