Vegetables That Don’t Suck, Part I: Sweet Potatoes

Growing up, I never enjoyed vegetables that much. Sure, I learned to
eat brussel sprouts, broccoli, lima beans, cabbage, and onions but I
never particularly enjoyed them…

Now that I’m a bit older and my palate has matured, I have
discovered that, indeed, the above vegetables suck. (I know, I know;
some people like broccoli… But I’m with George on this one.)
However, there are vegetables that don’t suck! In addition, they’re
super easy to eat and they’re good for you!

How to Eat Sweet Potatoes

Contrary to typical North American belief, sweet potatoes
are not yams. Yams
are yams. Sweet potatoes are sweet potatoes. They’re not even
related. Nor are sweet potatoes related to potatoes. Sweet potatoes
are simply delicious and easy.

Sweet potatoes, uncooked

Maybe it’s getting late and you want something quick, tasty,
and filling. Follow these easy steps:

  • Buy a sweet potato.
  • Put it on a plate.
  • Pierce it several times along the top with a knife.
  • Put it in the microwave for 6-12 minutes, depending on its size. (It should feel soft around the edges.)
  • Use knife to cut it in half, and leave it alone while the steam billows out.
  • Scoop into a bowl.
  • Mash with fork or don’t.
  • Add butter or brown sugar or salt or none of the above.
  • Gain awesome nutrition!

Delicious sweet potato

You may repeat these steps if you become hungry again.

5 thoughts on “Vegetables That Don’t Suck, Part I: Sweet Potatoes”

  1. I was listening to a lecture at TED once, where somebody mentioned that Americans only need to eat a half pound of meat a week, but they’re more likely to eat that much every day. I’ll definitely hit up those sweet potatoes, though.

  2. My favorite food is a vegetable! It’s artichoke hearts. They don’t become my favorite food until you prepare them right, but in any form they’re heavenly. Also, I’ve always been a fan of brussels sprouts!

  3. so awesome! You can even get detailed info of how good/evil is the Snickers chocolate bar : D Thanks for the link.

  4. If you have more time (trust me, it’s worth it), wrap the heavily punctured sweet potato (or yam, they’re almost the same) in tin foil and pop it in the oven until it’s soft through the middle and dripping with sweet sweet goodness (hour or two depending on the thickness). No need to put sugar/marshmallows on it. Delicious.

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