Vegetables That Don’t Suck, Part III: Leafy Green Things

I grew up eating iceberg lettuce. And then more iceberg lettuce.
I thought iceberg and fruit were the only salads you could eat.
Good thing I was wrong.


(Actually, I wasn’t unhappy with iceberg lettuce salads. When your
base ingredient sucks, you just add a bunch of cheese, bacon, ranch
dressing, and tomatoes. But then, why are you even eating the lettuce
at all?)

You all know this, but I’m going to say it anyway. There are
much better green things to eat. Green things that are so good by
themselves that you don’t need cheese or ranch or bacon. They are
spinach, arugula, dandelion greens, radicchio, and chard. In order:

dandelion greens

Again, limited experience here. The consumption process:

  1. Buy.
  2. Clean.
  3. Optionally add a vinaigrette or eggs or pasta or whatever.
  4. NOM crunch NOM crunch NOM.

You’re happy, full of delicious green things! Now you can eat
your giant cheeseburger without feeling guilty!

3 thoughts on “Vegetables That Don’t Suck, Part III: Leafy Green Things”

  1. In recent years I’ve taken to loving Spinach as a crispy delicious salad leaf.

    When I was a babby grue, the only spinach I knew was canned or frozen. And it was gross.

    When will old people learn that the only good produce is fresh produce?

  2. The only way to eat greens is fresh – REALLY, truly fresh. Grow them yourself – you’d be surprised at how tasty even iceberg lettuce is when it’s straight out of the ground. The five you named are ridiculously easy to grow – the dandelions are ALREADY growing in your yard, most likely.

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