My site has moved! Well, sort
of. The URL is the same, but I’ve switched to WordPress instead
of LiveJournal for content management. Frankly, I was embarrassed of
the old aesthetics and structure and I think a facelift was long

I will no longer update my LiveJournal account. If you wish to update your
subscription, you can add this RSS to your reader or friend
on LiveJournal

I will resume the series on IMVU’s crash reporting
shortly. I also can’t wait to blog about a new open source project, but one thing at a time.

Thanks to Ben McGraw, Mike Rooney, and Steven Peterson for all of their help. I’m perpetually a noob at this stuff.

p.s. Why the ads on the new site? I don’t expect to make any real
money, but this is a great opportunity for me to learn AdSense and
SEO. Maybe the ads will fund one super
per month.

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