Connecting C++ and JavaScript on the Web with Embind

At CppCon 2014 I gave a presentation on the design of Embind, its feature set, and some little C++11 tricks we developed to make Embind a little smaller and nicer.

I understand the video will be available after the conference, but for now, the annotated slides are up:

7 thoughts on “Connecting C++ and JavaScript on the Web with Embind”

  1. Mind adding a direct link to the slides?

    Mobile safari attempts to render, but does not provide scrolling/UI controls. These days, all my pleasure reading is on mobile.

  2. This is ridiculously cool. Although, C++ code compiles into fairly difficult-to-read JS code. Is the intent of Emscripten to write C++ and to only modify C++, or to compile C++ and then modify the JS from that point on?

  3. Hi,

    embind looks really awesome… Thanks! But it doesn’t really seem to be updated/maintained, the last updated has been in Dec 2016, or am I mistaken? How many people are working on it lately, if anyone at all? I’m wondering whether it’s dead or people are still investing in it.

    Also there’s lots of cool stuff that could be added like type_casters from pybind11, or built-in support for types like Eigen::Matrix, this would be so cool. You could get much inspiration from pybind11! (which is much better than boost.Python ;-) )

  4. Hi Pedro. Thanks! You’re right that there haven’t been many commits recently. But as far as I’m aware, embind is mostly “done”. :) I’m not very familiar with pybind11, what would something like type_caster provide?

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