Connecting C++ and JavaScript on the Web with Embind

At CppCon 2014 I gave a presentation on the design of Embind, its feature set, and some little C++11 tricks we developed to make Embind a little smaller and nicer.

I understand the video will be available after the conference, but for now, the annotated slides are up:

5 thoughts on “Connecting C++ and JavaScript on the Web with Embind”

  1. Mind adding a direct link to the slides?

    Mobile safari attempts to render, but does not provide scrolling/UI controls. These days, all my pleasure reading is on mobile.

  2. This is ridiculously cool. Although, C++ code compiles into fairly difficult-to-read JS code. Is the intent of Emscripten to write C++ and to only modify C++, or to compile C++ and then modify the JS from that point on?

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