I had never heard this before.

Stuart Feldman, the Bell Labs guy who invented “make”, woke up one morning a few weeks after he’d released it, and realized that the syntax basically sucked – all those tabs and colons and weird continuation rules. He started working on something better and was shot down because someone said “Stuart, there are *dozens* of people using this, it’s too late to change it.”

(Courtesy of Gary Oberbrunner on scons-dev.)

2 thoughts on “I had never heard this before.”

  1. Heh, that’s funny. Too true though – I’ve been burned way too many times by releasing stuff before it was ready and then having inertia making it unchangeable to fix the problems. I’ve learned to not release until I’m happy with the product and know that I can fix the parts that might be bad with a minimum of user interruption.

    Stuart Feldman was right, unfortunately, the syntax for “make” bites. =)

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