Scary Internet People!

malis came and visited for the past few days. He got to meet Laura, Byn, and my friends from work and D&D. It was a lot of fun having him and getting to show him around Ames and Iowa State and stuff. Too bad the virtual reality facilities at VRAC weren’t really working, but that’s not a surprise. :(

Plus we got to both yell and jump together in DOOM 3. (Have you heard? That game is great.)

Best of luck to him at Georgia Tech!

9 thoughts on “Scary Internet People!”

  1. Heh, it’s awesome that you guys met!

    Gmh. Now prepare to make some space for me next summer ;] ( or next next summer or … )

  2. I’m sorry I missed malis, it’s really cool that he came up to visit. And I have had a guess going that you’ve done little else but Doom 3 since it came out. Good to hear it doesn’t suck. ^_~ I wonder if it will dominate your free time like Q3 did for so long…

  3. Oh and it is nice of you that I’m invited any time ^^, but first I’d really need to make a ton of money somehow, cuz flights to U.S.A. DO cost $$$ :O

  4. Yeah, I really would’ve liked to have gotten to meet you too. Ah well.

    So anyway Chad, yes, I really enjoyed my time up there! I just got an internet connection at a hotel tonight. It’s really funky that I’ve been having such an awesome time lately as to not need one. It was definitely great up there, and VRAC still kicked major ass. I was wholly impressed. Hmm, now more LJage to read and postage to make.

  5. Glad you had fun! I wondered if you made it home alright, since you haven’t been online at all… ;) Plus I have a question for you:

    I have two monitors in a TV all on a table at my new apartment. The primary one is 21″ at 1600×1200, the secondary is 17″ at 1024×768, and the TV is 1024×768 too. Do you know how I could set different desktop images on each display? Right now XP uses the same one, and just shows the center of it on the smaller displays.

  6. Sadly, this plagues all of the multi-desktop crew. The easiest solution I’ve found is to figure out what your screens upper left corner is in desktop coordinates and make your own desktop that spans the monitors (not hard at all) or perhaps write your own piece of software to do it for you?

  7. Yeah, I actually thought of making a Sphere game to do that for me. :P It would be pretty easy. But then I took my second monitor off of my desk anyway.

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