Stayed in the Next Generation Rendering with OpenGL tutorial for the whole day. To summarize: Framebuffer Objects are cool. (They took their sweet time, though!) NVidia has some very sweet performance analysis tools coming out. The folks at Graphic Remedy have a neat tool gDEBugger, but I certainly can't afford it at $500 / seat. GPGPU is still cool.

I did learn a few new things about how to optimize shaders on modern graphics architectures. Texture fetches are still slow on ATI cards, at least relative to calculations. (On NVidia, it's the opposite.)

OpenGL 2.0 is going to have some good changes, especially related to the shading language. It's still in a bit of flux though.

Heh, in hindsight, I don't remember all that much. But I'll attribute that to my context-sensitive-access-biased memory.