For years, the top-viewed post on this site was a guide I banged out on an airplane for Sims 3 on iOS.

The second-most viewed page is an old article I wrote about the subset of C++ that is binary-compatible across compilers and CRTs on Windows.

There are more gamers than programmers.

I’ve written a lot about performance. Some of it in inflammatory frustration that platforms I think are important don’t take performance seriously enough. But mostly about performance-related problems I’ve had to solve at work.

One of these problems was parsing JSON. Another was producing it.

I spent almost ten years at IMVU and wrote down several of its stories. I regret not writing more. One of the most popular was the story of how we came to write Haskell.

Haskell was a whirlwind. It forever changed me as a programmer. But it has serious usability problems in a mainstream production environment. I go back and forth on whether I’d do it again.

One thing I did learn from Haskell was how many people hold misconceptions about static typing. To do my part in correcting that, I wrote Sum Types Are Coming.

In 2009, I bought an iPhone and lost 20 pounds.

Over seven years before joining Facebook, I wrote Your Version Control and Build Systems Don’t Scale. I now work on solving these exact problems.

I was one of the earliest members of the SCons team, and therefore have opinions on build systems. Even in this era of Buck and Blaze, we can do better.

I’ve spent too much of my life reading Intel assembly language.

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