I woke up this morning at 5:00 a.m., checked my e-mail, and sat down to make something cool. Then I realized that I spend an utterly absurd amount of time in front of a computer.

I guess I’m going to a barbeque this weekend. A little fresh air is probably a good thing.

and will the world stay standing still… at least for me

Being open minded sucks more and more as I get older. There are so many things to evaluate and judge. Sometimes I envy religious fanatics. Blessed with predefined thoughts, all you have to do is evangelize…

On the other hand, I could use a good dose of tolerance. Maybe it’s a slight tint of perfectionism seeping through, but I haven’t been very tolerant in my life. Actually, does it count if you can display tolerance on the outside even if you don’t feel it inside? Probably not. No human has a completely opaque interface. Hmmm, interesting.

It’s amazing how smart couches are. Showers too, for that matter. When you’re confused, they’ll be glad to whisper advice. So I’m sitting around half-naked and mostly confused, and the couch starts telling me things (is this god?). I realized that in order to give myself correct directions in life, I need to know where I’m heading (wow, it all seems so obvious now. Maybe the couch isn’t so smart!)

I have two primary goals in life:

  • become intelligent
  • spend lots and lots and lots of time with Katherine

Now that I know what I want, I need to figure out how to succeed in the quest of life. The first one shouldn’t be *too* hard, as I just need to keep doing what I am and slowly climb to enlightenment. I want the second even more than the first, but I’m far more hesitant about it. I don’t trust my ability to make people happy.

On an unrelated note, it’s kinda funny how occasionally I’ll find a technology, talk about how cool it is in #sphere, and then everybody will check it out. I guess it’s not so funny. Ah well. :)

I suck at expository writing. Rizen, teach me your skillz!

“…by casting doubts into the waters, asking judgment of the sea…”


My $67 rare VNV CD came in the mail today. Wuzzah. :D

Time for a weekend of sweet love, coding, and video games. :) (‘cept for the sweet love part, I’m single)


Ate at Denny’s tonight with Netscape people. Got a little depressed about the state of computing (Microsoft is god).

Now I’m writing code. Screw design. I can make this work.


I bought a new sound card and hooked up my rear speakers. Pleasing. The SB Live! came with four awesome games. Saw some Netscape people at Best Buy.

TV card still doesn’t work. I’ll go to Radio Shack tomorrow and buy some adapters. If it doesn’t work after that, back to the manufacturers we go.

My mom sent me food. Always good.