My $67 rare VNV CD came in the mail today. Wuzzah. :D

Time for a weekend of sweet love, coding, and video games. :) (‘cept for the sweet love part, I’m single)


Ate at Denny’s tonight with Netscape people. Got a little depressed about the state of computing (Microsoft is god).

Now I’m writing code. Screw design. I can make this work.


I bought a new sound card and hooked up my rear speakers. Pleasing. The SB Live! came with four awesome games. Saw some Netscape people at Best Buy.

TV card still doesn’t work. I’ll go to Radio Shack tomorrow and buy some adapters. If it doesn’t work after that, back to the manufacturers we go.

My mom sent me food. Always good.

Weblogs in general

I got to thinking about these weblog things… They’ve become very popular as of late. (maybe the trend was started when the modern game developers started writing stuff in .plan files?) They seem somewhat egotistical though. I mean, a diary where you write stuff for future self-consumption makes sense. You’re trying to preserve yourself for later. But a place where you can just write stuff for everybody to read? I dunno…

Actually, I just thought of something. You’re not forcing people to read, you’re only allowing the inquisitive to glance into your life. :) Nevermind, point made invalid (I’ll post anyway for expositional purposes).